Rochester Hills Donates $10,000 to Green Schools Campaign  
Provides Single Stream Recycling to all RCS School Buildings

The City of Rochester Hills recently celebrated the successful conclusion of this year’s Green Schools campaign, which provided $10,000 for the Rochester Community School District’s (RCS) single-stream recycling initiative. Thanks to this funding, district school buildings will receive new recycling bins to support student-led recycling efforts.

Every week, residents who recycle in Rochester Hills receive Recyclebank points that can be used for discounts at local restaurants, shops, and more. Since 2011, Rochester Hills has partnered with Recyclebank to turn neighbor's points into dollars for local schools through the Green Schools program. These dollars are used to help create a more sustainable environment with refillable water stations, outdoor classrooms and more. Over the years, the Green Schools program has provided over $110,000 to school projects in the community.

This year, residents donated 2,500,000 points to reach the goal. “Every year without fail our community comes together to donate their points and complete these green projects,” states Mayor Bryan K. Barnett. “Thanks to their generosity, the district’s leadership, and the hard work of both RCS PTA and the Green Schools Committee, we continue to provide our youngest residents with opportunities to lead a more sustainable life.”

Accessibility is a key component of this plan. In the past, recyclable items like paper and water bottles went to the trash or were taken to a volunteer's home recycling bin. Having the bins placed in classrooms, hallways, and throughout the buildings will make it simple for students to recycle. Recycle bins will be ordered and delivered to each school, based on their needs. 

“When we talk about Green Schools and Recyclebank and the great work that we’ve been able to do, it would not have been possible without the partnership of the City of Rochester Hills and our PTA, specifically the Green Schools committee,” said RCS Superintendent Dr. Robert Shaner. “I am proud of the example that our community is setting for young people. I also applaud the investment that our students have in these projects and their efforts to make our planet greener.”

About Recyclebank
Recyclebank is a division of Recycle Track Systems (RTS), a full-service waste and recycling hauler revolutionizing the industry with its tech-enabled sustainability focus.

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