Rochester Hills Fire Department Pilots New Camera Technology
Adds 50 Thermal Imaging Cameras to Fleet

Rochester Hills Fire Department purchased and has recently received new Thermal Imaging Cameras (TIC). Their team will be the first fire department in the world to receive this particular model.  

These cameras allow firefighters to see through smoke or darkness to more easily find trapped victims. It can also help the firefighters to find the seat of the fire, hot spots, and other hazards. 

“This gives us the ability to have every single firefighter on duty to have a camera available to them.  A thermal imaging camera is as important as a fire radio or an axe.  It is essential that each firefighter has one for their use while fighting a fire,” states Fire Chief Canto. 

One TIC will be placed in every riding seat of our fire truck. The cameras weigh just 1.6 pounds, have a 3.5-inch display and are simple to use with a one-button operation.  The camera was engineered to be compact, lightweight, tough and durable, even in extreme fire conditions. 

“Our city is laser focused on how we can find innovative solutions to improve the quality of life for our residents,” states Mayor Bryan K. Barnett. “This new investment in thermal will help enhance our fire response in addition to saving the lives and property of our residents.”

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