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Sports Field Reservations
Park is open for most regular activities (including playgrounds and bathrooms, if present). Sports fields are opening June 13th. 
Batting Cages are closed.

Practice social distancing, staying 6 feet away from others and stay at home if showing signs of sickness. Come out, spread out!

You'll find the various types of sports fields that are available for reservation in Rochester Hills below:
  • Ball Diamonds
    Ball diamonds are located at Borden Park, Avondale Park and Helen Allen Park. Ball diamonds may be used unreserved on a first-come, first-served basis if they are not reserved by others and if they are not set up for a game that will take place later that day. All ball diamonds at Borden Park have lights
  • Soccer Fields
    Soccer fields are located at Borden Park and Spencer Park. Soccer fields can only be used with a reservation. Practice is not allowed on our soccer fields. One soccer field (Borden World Cup #1) has lights.
  • Leagues and User Groups
    Our sports fields are used by many leagues, clubs and groups for their sporting events. For information (contacts, phone numbers), please contact the Borden Park Office at 248.656.4797 and tell us what group you are looking for.
  • Multipurpose Fields
    Multipurpose fields are located at Avondale and Bloomer Parks. These fields can be reserved for a fee. When not reserved, they may be used on a first-come, first-served basis. For Bloomer Park's multipurpose field availability and reservation information, call Bloomer Park at 248.656.4753. For Avondale Park's multipurpose field availability and reservation information, please call Borden Park at 248.656.4797, or visit the Reserve a Sports Field web page.
  • Rain-outs and Game Cancellations
    Ball diamond and soccer field reservations and park events may be canceled due to bad weather and/or unsafe field conditions. Please call our rain-out number 248.841.2680 to hear information about any rain-outs or cancelations. Messages are updated as soon as information becomes available.
  • Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts and Roller Hockey Rinks
    Tennis courts are located in Borden Park, Avondale Park, and Spencer Park. Basketball Courts are located in Borden Park and Avondale Park. Roller hockey rinks are located in Borden Park. These courts can only be used on a first-come, first-served basis, unless they are reserved by Rochester Avon Recreation Authority (RARA) See the Existing Field Reservation Calendars. Only RARA can reserve any of these courts.
  • Tents and Canopies
    If you own or rent a tent / canopy for use within one of the city parks, please review the city's requirements.

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