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Winter Hours
Closed for Drop In Hours January and February 2019
We will reopen on Friday, March 1, 2019 for drop in tours

Q: Why does the Museum close for drop in hours in January and February?
A: We are closed in January and February to get loads of projects done that require us to use our staff time effectively and to do many building maintenance projects – here are a few things we are working on:
  • Stoney Creek School House project –We are preparing new exhibits in the display cases and creating new curriculum materials for the thousands of students who are coming this spring!
  • The Equipment Barn Rebuild Fundraising is ongoing – once all of the private funds are raised we will be securing an architect to get this project moving forward.
  • We deep clean all buildings and storage areas.
  • We are working with Flutter and Wow Exhibit designers and will be adding all new permanent exhibits in the Dairy barn by June, 2019.
  • Several archival and collections storage areas are being organized and all items are being added into our collections managements software system.
  • Staff training and review of our Interpretive plans and procedures, disaster plan, collections policy, CPR and first aid training, and other training will be completed.
  • Due to winter weather, this reduces the urgent need of having all sidewalks and driveways cleared of snow and ice for every snow episode.

Q: Is staff still in the buildings during the week?
A: Yes - All scheduled school programs and Calf Barn rentals will proceed as planned. Please let us know if you need to stop by – we would love to meet with you if we know you are coming – call us at 248.656.4663 or

Q: If I want to stop by and meet with Museum staff regarding a wedding location, research, or other reason – can you still meet with me?
A: You bet – Just call first to set up an appointment at 248.656.4663 or email us at .

Q: So, the Museum staff are not just sitting around eating the last of the Holiday cookies?
A: Well maybe a little of that, but we are busy getting our buildings ready for another busy year in 2019.

In 2019, we will be celebrating our 40th anniversary and we like it when everything is just perfect for your visit!

Have a question? Call us at 248.656.4663 or email at

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