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Mayor's Video Log - June 28th
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Bryan K. Barnett

Ph: 248.656.4664
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Hey I’m Bryan Barnett, Mayor of the City of Rochester Hills, and thanks for watching. You know tonight is one of the biggest nights of the year, here in the City of Rochester Hills, because it’s our annual Festival of the Hills Fireworks show. Now the weather has been a little iffy today, but we’re gonna probably have one of the biggest shows we’ve ever had in terms of the fireworks. And some fantastic people are going to come out and enjoy the show with a little more elbow room than usual. Folks like Jordan and Theo.

Mayor: Jordan, tell us about the show. Have you been coming for a while?

Jordan: Yes, I’ve been coming here since I was five and it’s a lot of fun, so I brought my boyfriend with me.

Mayor: This is the boyfriend? Pretty good move. You know it’s serious when she brings you to the Festival of the Hills.

Theo: Absolutely.

Mayor: So this is your first show?

Theo: Yeah.

Mayor: And you guys both live where?

Jordan: I live right by Rochester…

Mayor: So you’re both in Rochester Hills?

Jordan and Theo: Yeah

Mayor: Fantastic. So listen, do you think you’re gonna love it?

Jordan and Theo: Yes

Mayor: Well you better because she’s gonna want to come back next year, she’ll bring a different guy.

Theo: Yeah

Mayor: Hey listen, the rain is gonna stop, it’s gonna be great the rest of the night. We’re gonna have a great show. Take it from me, Jordan, and Theo, you should be here. Thanks for watching everybody. Thanks.

Mayor: Alright, come over here guys. Hey, come here. Hey, hey. So what are you guys doing? C’mon in. Where are you guys, where are you guys all from?

Young Man: Macomb

Mayor: Macomb

Young lady: Utica

Mayor:  You look like the smartest, where are you from?

Young boy: Rochester

Mayor: Rochester Hills! Alight, high five! So you guy are out here, this is your first time coming to this?

Kids: Yeah

Mayor: Why did you come tonight? For the music, for the fireworks, what did you come for?

Kids: Fireworks

Mayor: Fireworks. Do you think they’re gonna be awesome?

Kids: Yeah

Mayor: What is your favorite kind of firework?

Young lady: The ones that look like they’re exploding, Tinkerbelle dust.

Mayor: All the way down like that? Oh my gosh, I picked them out this year, we’ve got a bunch of those.

Young lady: They’re my favorite.

Mayor: We got a bunch of those. We’ve got a bunch of those. We’ve got some hearts, we’ve got some boxes. I want a Pac-Man one, I like Pac-Man. Maybe next year we’ll get a Pac-Man one. So you guys having fun so far?

Kids: Yeah

Mayor: Would you tell people to come to this event next year if they’re not?

Kids: Yeah

Mayor: What’s the best part so far?

Young man: Hanging out with your friends, music, fireworks, all that stuff.

Mayor: Alright, alright. And the food?

Kid: Yeah

Mayor: You are the smartest one man. Alright, you guys have fun. Thanks for coming. Happy Fourth of July. Say Happy Fourth of July.

Kids: Happy Fourth of July.

Mayor: Alright, we are here in the Motown Bistro with the owner Cindy Jackson and the team, right? You guys fired up to be here tonight? You’ve been coming to the Festival of the Hills for a number of years. How long have you been coming?

Cindy: This, I believe, is our sixth year.

Mayor: Alright, six years. We usually have a great crowd. The rain is a little bit rough tonight, but you guys are kicking out some amazing food. If they come to this tent, Motown Bistro, what do they have to leave with?

Cindy: Absolutely they have to try the Motown Burger. It’s our traditional with fried egg, bacon, cheese. We’re also serving our catfish and fries. Some good old southern fried fish.

Mayor: And you can’t beat that, can you? So if you haven’t left your house yet, you need to get down here, even just for food, stay for the fireworks. Come for the food, stay for the fireworks. Thank you guys for coming year after year. We appreciate it.

Cindy: Thanks for having us.

Mayor: Thank you for serving all of our great residents. You guys ready for some food?

Customers: Yeah.

Mayor: Alright. Happy Fourth of July everybody.

Cindy: Thank you.

Mayor: Hey we’re here at the last stop we’re gonna make today at our bounce around the Festival of the Hills event. One of my favorite places, these are my buddies from the VFW, who come every year. Ed, how long you been coming to this event?

Ed: Well over twenty years Mayor.

Mayor: Twenty years, twenty years, and these guys, we want to thank you for your service, it’s part of why we’re here is to celebrate America. We wouldn’t be able to do it without the work of these gentleman who have given so much to our country. So come on over, buy a bottle of water, a can of Coke, or whatever it might be. This guy will probably sell you the shirt off his back if you’ll pay for it. But, these are the guys, the reason we are here, and we’re grateful for them. You guys God Bless America and Happy Fourth of July.

Guys: Happy Fourth of July!

Mayor: Thanks for watching.

Ed: Mayor, thank you!

Mayor: Thank you, buddy. Thanks guys. Thank you guys.

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