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Mayor's Video Log - November 21st
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Bryan K. Barnett

Ph: 248.656.4664
Fx: 248.656.4603
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Hi, I’m Bryan Barnett, Mayor of the City of Rochester Hills, and as always thanks for watching. Thanks, it’s kind of a keyword this time of year. Although we’ve celebrated some really exciting things over the last few weeks, we of course, lit the Christmas Tree at the Village of Rochester Hills, welcomed Santa to town, of course, just this past weekend, a million lights were illuminated in Downtown Rochester, as we celebrate regionally the excitement of the season. We stop first to be thankful and to recognize a holiday that’s one of my personal favorites, and hopefully one of yours as well. You know, we don’t have to look too far as a community to recognize the blessings we enjoy here. We have unbelievable schools, incredible recreation, beautiful trails, fantastically safe neighborhoods, a wealth of shopping and entertainment options, so much that we often complain about having too many choices. Well we’re reminded that not everyone is as fortunate as we are here in our community, and not even everyone in our community is as fortunate as most. We are blessed, no matter your station in life, we pause this time of year to be grateful, to be thankful, to recognize those that have helped us, those that help others in the community, the organizations, the non-profits, the volunteers. We appreciate you. We thank you for what you do to create an even better community for our residents. And on behalf of all of our employees of the city, we thank you, our residents, for allowing us to serve you. For allowing us the privilege of operating this community and hopefully creating an even better quality of life for you and your family. And as we enter this season of thanksgiving, I would ask all of you to take just a moment to think about those things, people, and reasons that provide thankfulness in your heart. We are grateful for you and grateful to live in such an amazing community. Have a happy thanksgiving with your family and friends, and soon a very Merry Christmas.

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