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Mayor's Video Log - October 18th
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Bryan K. Barnett

Ph: 248.656.4664
Fx: 248.656.4603
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Hi, I’m Bryan Barnett, Mayor of the City of Rochester Hills, and as always, thanks for watching. You know, fall is one of my favorite times in the City of Rochester Hills, as our city absolutely bustles with fun activities. Many of you are enjoying some traditional fall favorites like the great high school football games and even some of the great college games. And of course our outstanding trail network, if you haven’t been on the Paint Creek or the Clinton River trails, shame on you, this is the best time, as the leaves start to change, to enjoy a beautiful walk right here in Rochester Hills. And of course I’m standing, in front of, perhaps, the most iconic spot for the fall, not just for here in Rochester Hills, but all around our region, Yates Cider Mill is kicking out cider and donuts now, gosh, for over 150 years. Do you see the sign behind me? A lot of talk about the elections, if you look at that year when they started, Abraham Lincoln was our President. Well they haven’t always been making cider and donuts here since then, but at least for the last 100 years, some of the best tasty treats you can find anywhere in Southeast Michigan are made right here. I’ll be grabbing some before we leave this shoot today. And I’d encourage you to come out and take a look. Grab some cider, grab some donuts, enjoy all that fall has to offer in one of the most beautiful cities in Southeast Michigan. Now I also mention, because we’re here and relatively close to Avon Rd, that the other thing to note about this time of year is unfortunately it is when we have the most car/deer/vehicle accidents. Now, we have been one of the leaders across the state in a category we don’t really want to lead – deer/vehicle accidents, and so we encourage you to be very careful, to be cautious in October and November, are our busiest months. In dawn and at dusk are the busiest times, and the times you are most likely to encounter deer. You know we have them all over our beautiful community. So be careful, drive slow, don’t veer, look for those signs and make sure you’re keeping your family safe as you enjoy fall in Rochester Hills. Well I’m going to go enjoy some donuts, hopefully I’ll see you around here soon. Thanks for watching and have a great, great week.

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