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Tree Removal Permits
Permit Applications
Right-of-Way Tree Removal 
Private Tree Removal  
The process and requirements for removing a tree in the city of Rochester Hills may be subject to city ordinances. Please refer to the following criteria to ensure proper tree removal:

Developer Information

Trees in the public street right-of-way 
  • All trees located between the property line and the street are regulated by the Street Tree Ordinance and require a Right-of-Way Tree Removal Permit.
  • Application Fee $50

Trees on private property
  • All property platted prior to August 3, 1988, is not regulated by the Tree Conservation Ordinance and does not require a Tree Removal Permit.
  • All property platted after August 3, 1988, and all unplatted property with trees 6" in diameter or larger at 4-1/2' above ground is regulated by the Tree Conservation Ordinance and requires a Private Tree Removal Permit.
  • Application Fee $90

Exceptions to Tree Removal Permit requirement  
  • On occupied one-family parcels less than one acre, a permit is not required.
  • On occupied one-family parcels one acre or more for construction of appurtenances or structures accessory to existing structures, a permit is not required. 

NOTE: Neither of the above exceptions applies to public right-of-way trees or historic and landmark trees. These trees will require a permit.

Exceptions to tree replacement requirement
  • For any unplatted residential parcel, trees located within the area of the footprint of only one principal dwelling or any additions thereto, and within 30' around the dwelling or addition, are not required to be replaced. Furthermore, trees located within any proposed driveway, utility, or other site improvement necessary to support the principal dwelling or addition, and the area within 10' of any such improvement, are also not required to be relocated or replaced.

For further information regarding the need for a Tree Removal Permit, contact the Building Department at 248.656.4615. For Tree Removal Permit requirements, contact the Forestry Department at 248.656.4673.

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