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Tree Removal Permits
Permit Applications
Right-of-Way Tree Removal 
Private Tree Removal  
The process and requirements for removing a tree in the city of Rochester Hills may be subject to city ordinances. Please refer to the following criteria to ensure proper tree removal:

Developer Information

Trees in the public street right-of-way 
  • All trees located between the property line and the street are regulated by the Street Tree Ordinance and require a Right-of-Way Tree Removal Permit.
  • Application Fee $50

Trees on private property
  • Trees 6 inches in diameter and larger at 4 1/2' above the ground, are regulated by the Tree Conservation Ordinance and require a removal permit (subject to some exceptions).
  • Application Fee $90

Common Exceptions to Tree Removal Permit requirement  
  • On occupied one-family parcels less than one acre, a permit is not required.
  • On occupied one-family parcels one acre or more for construction of appurtenances or structures accessory to existing structures, a permit is not required. 

NOTE: Neither of the above exceptions applies to public right-of-way trees or historic and landmark trees. These trees will require a permit.

For further information regarding the need for a Tree Removal Permit, contact the Building Department at 248.656.4615. For Tree Removal Permit requirements, contact the Forestry Department at 248.656.4673.

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