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Weed Ordinance
The weed ordinance requires that property owners cut noxious weeds and grass that has grown taller than 8 inches. Starting May 1 each year and continuing throughout the summer, the city's weed control contractor and ordinance inspectors will patrol the city looking for vacant and occupied lots that are not in compliance with the ordinance. The lots not in compliance will be cut, and the cost will be billed to the property owner. Unpaid weed-cutting bills are applied as a lien against the property. All residents and property owners are encouraged to maintain their properties for the good of their neighbors.

72-Hour Grace Period is Available for Vacant Lots
If you have retained the services of a contractor to regularly service your vacant lot, you may submit a contact email to the city. In the event that an Ordinance Inspector cites your lot as being in violation, you will be sent an email notifying you of the violation and you will be given 72 hours to clear the violation. If your lot is not cut within 72 hours, the city contractor will be directed to cut your lot and you will be billed as noted above.

If you have not previously registered for this service or if your contact email has changed, please send an email to Bob White, at , with your lot number(s) (15-##-###-###) and contact email address.

For questions, please call the Building Department office at 248.656.4615.

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