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Ordinance Compliance

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1. How do I contact Animal Control?
2. How do I address a barking dog nuisance?
3. What can be done about lots not being mowed?
4. Garbage blows onto my property from the property next door, what can I do?
5. Where can I put garage sale signs?
6. Do Trash Hauler needs to pull a permit in order to drop off containers in Rochester hills ?
7. Who picks up Road Kill ?
8. How heavy my waste container can be?
9. How do i dispose of branches, bushes ?
10. Where can i get my Recycle bin / Trash bin ?
11. Where do i get my compost stickers ?
12. Where can i dump my garbage myself ?
13. Where should i dump building construction material ?
14. Where can i store my new construction materials until the work has been done ?
15. How long should the weed or grass be before submitting the complain ?

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