Water & Sewer

Services Performed
  • Hydrant permits and maintenance (fill swimming pools, construction use, etc.) and area maintenance meters 
  • Miss Dig call 800-482-7171
  • Roadside catch basin maintenance 
  • Sanitary sewer maintenance 
  • Water and sewer permits, inspections and connections 
  • Water main breaks 
Water & Sewer Billing
Water & Sewer Billing is a service of the Fiscal Department. Please call 248-656-4688 with any questions about billing.

North Oakland County Water Authority

Rochester Hills is now part of the North Oakland County Water Authority (NOCWA). Please the North Oakland County Water Authority website for more details.

Cross Connection Backflow Prevention
What is Cross Connection?
A cross connection is an arrangement of piping that could allow undesirable water, sewage, or chemical solutions to enter your drinking (potable) water system as a result of backflow. Cross connections are one of the most serious public health threats to a potable water supply system, and can be present in a residential water system.
You can pollute your own drinking water without even knowing it. By eliminating cross connections, you can help protect the water we all share.

Participation with this program is required in accordance with Michigan's Safe Water Drinking Act - P.A. 399, Part 14.

The City of Rochester Hills has contracted with HydroCorp of Troy, MI for its cross connection inspections. Please note that letters addressing cross connection will be sent out to residents in phases throughout the city. Click here to view a sample letter. 

Should you need further information please contact HydroCorp at 844-493-7641.

Additional Information
Residential Area Maintenance Meter & Diagram
Commercial Area Maintenance Meter & Diagram
Water Service Line Connection
Lawn Irrigation for Subdivisions
Clinton River Watershed Council
Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner
Oakland County 24 Hour Pollution Hotline

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