Construction Projects

Interactive Construction Projects Map provides detailed information regarding all current and upcoming infrastructure projects for roads, pathways, water & sewer, drains, etc.

2021 Infrastructure Investments

Rochester Hills Projects:

  • Butler Road - $648,366

  • Hamlin Road - $3,246,250

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  • Roads - Concrete (2 projects)- $3,676,997

    • Project 1
      The project involves the following locations: Aynsley Drive, Summit Court, Old Homestead Drive, Arbor Creek/Wedgewood/Chaffer Drive intersection, Cobridge Drive, Campus Road(Old Perch to Campus Court) & Campus Court, Sumac Drive, Munster Road eyebrow and Meadowbrook Drive.

    • Project 2
      The project involves the following locations: Thornridge Court, Kirkton Court, Whitney & Arlington Drive, Hidden Lane, Crestline Lane, Lexington Drive, Ternbury Drive, Slade Court, and Daylilly Drive
  • Water Main-$5,140,365

Oakland County Projects:

  • Avon & Dequindre Road Roundabout & Bridge- TBA
  • Crooks & Dequindre Road Overlay $899,748

Street Jurisdictions

Please note that the City does not have jurisdiction over all streets in Rochester Hills and, thus, some road construction projects are the responsibility of the Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) or the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT).

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