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Giffels Webster assisted the City of Rochester Hills in its 2018 update of the Master Plan. The plan explores concepts that impact short-, mid-, and long-range land use policies and strategies. Conversations about these concepts explore the question: How can the Master Plan process lead to land use policies that support city themes of preserve, enhance, and diversify?

Plan Goals:

  • Preserve: Everyone in the community will be able to identify at least one thing they love about the city. Through the planning process, celebrate those things that the community believes are the best things about the city and explore strategies to preserve, strengthen, and protect them.
  • Enhance: There may be areas in the city that need work. Identify what the community believes should be enhanced, improved, and enriched.
  • Diversify: The city offers more than "one size fits all" housing, jobs, and education. Identify how the community sees what is working and what needs work when it comes to offering a variety of cultural, social, and economic opportunities. Develop strategies to help the city diversify.

Planning Process Objectives:
  • Encourage public participation by utilizing a variety of engagement tools that afford all members of the community the opportunity to provide their input.
  • Explore key planning topics, including housing, land use, community health, and what it means to be an "age-friendly" community.
  • Provide actionable strategies for advancing Master Plan goals and objectives.

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