Available Properties

Madison Park Property

97 acres located at the southeast corner of Hamlin and Adams Road with frontage on M-59. Suitable for office, medical R&D, commercial or mixed-use development. For more info click here.

MEDC Commercial Property Information Exchange (CPIX)

With over 15,000 commercial listings, Michigan’s Commercial Property Information Exchange (CPIX) is the official, interactive real estate database for Michigan commercial realtors, economic development professionals and site selectors. Listings can include pictures, maps, site plans, surveys, leases and legal documents from which customized reports and maps can be produced.

Property Listings

The City of Rochester Hills does not guarantee current availability or accuracy of any listed properties on this page, nor does this represent a comprehensive list of available commercial properties in Rochester Hills.

If you have a property that you would like listed here, please contact Economic Development Manager Pam Valentik at valentikp@rochesterhills.org at 248-841-2577.

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