Art on Auburn
What is Art on Auburn?
Art on Auburn is a Rochester Hills community project bringing K-12 student artwork to new audiences through art applied directly to the surface of Auburn Road! At least 20 pieces of student artwork will be selected by a jury and community members to be printed on Auburn Road during the spring/summer of 2021. The final product will be unveiled at a community-wide celebration.

Congratulations to the Winners!

We received nearly 500 entries from K-12 students throughout the community during the submission period. The City of Rochester Hills, in partnership with the Paint Creek Center for the Arts (PCCA), is pleased to announce the winners of the Art on Auburn Community Contest are as follows:

Listed Alphabetically by Grade Groups
Grades 10-12 

Katie AustinKatie Austin With ArtLocation 9
Katie Austin, Grade 11

Part of the Hive

This piece fits the prompt because people, just like bees, are part of a community and they work with others to make it better.

Sloane BarlowSloane Barlow With ArtLocation 7
Sloane Barlow, Grade 11
Capturing Memories

I took inspiration from a piece of my community, the Rochester Park.  The picture reflects the view of many people who have walked the scenic paths through the forest and around the pond.  Over the years the park has become symbolic of a cherished value in the Rochester community: spending time with loved ones.  The park is an iconic destination of community gatherings, family and friend photos, and a relaxing outing for a beautiful evening.  Families stroll around the lake during the golden hour, couples relax on the benches on a snowy afternoon, and kids chase each other around the trees in the comfort of the summer sun.  I chose to emphasize happiness and diversity through the colors and patterns of the piece, to express my gratefulness in growing up in such a loving community, where I have created so many beautiful memories.

Bella CireneseBella Cirenese With ArtLocation 5
Bella Cirenese, Grade 11
Live Happily Together

I thought of a sort of we’re all in the same water, a small pond for a small community :))

Tatyanna EdwardsTatyanna Edwards With ArtLocation 17
Tatyanna Edwards, Grade 10
Stronger Together

The hands of different colors gathering in a circular formation are put together to represent a community of people who all work together to make each other stronger. The center hand is there to represent the strength of all the individuals once they reach for each other and combined forces. 

Quinn GordonLocation 23
Quinn Gordon, Grade 12
How We Change

This piece takes inspiration from the LGBTQ+ community flag. It is a community of similar people who support each other, and as someone who is a part of the LGBTQ+ community, that's very important to me. I put words that resemble the making of a stronger community with other LGBTQ+ people as well as allies.

Avery MillerLocation 14
Avery Miller, Grade 10
Unity and Community

This piece represents what community means to me by how the hands are all working together to form the word unity. Although they are all different colors, they all are equally important and vital to the overall piece of art work. Just as in a community, everyone, no matter how different they are, are important in making up our community.

Mena NasiriMena Nasiri With ArtLocation 12
Mena Nasiri, Grade 11
A Warm Embrace

To me, community means kindness, support, and acceptance. A great community is a place where everyone feels like they belong and where they can ask others for help when they need it. I decided to draw two people hugging because a hug is a wonderful way to show support and kindness to others. This has an even more powerful meaning today since physically hugging others is unsafe, so it is all the more important to remember to be kind and uplifting to our fellow community members in other ways. I also included hearts on their cheeks to highlight the compassion and love in a community. I decided to keep this in a more abstract style, instead of a concrete drawing of two people hugging, because communities are abstract places so there is no way to represent what every community looks like. While one of the definitions of the word "community" focuses on the fact that people in a community share a common characteristic, one of the biggest aspects of what community means to me is that they are incredibly diverse places. People in a community have different backgrounds, interests, and goals, and the fact that they are part of something bigger than themselves where they encourage and accept each other is what makes a community so wonderful. I decided to make sections of the figures in my artwork similar colors and some different colors to represent this idea. I absolutely love the communities I am a part of, such as my school community, my neighborhood community, and the greater community in the city, because of the abundance of kindness, support, and acceptance, and I wish I could give my community members a warm embrace.

Lily PfeifferLocation 16
Lily Pfeiffer, Grade 10
Grow in Community

It has a flower growing and people holding hands around it so it shows people growing together.

Lily ScheuLocation 8
Lilly Scheu, Grade 10
Bridging Communities

The hands represent different types of people coming together to form a community, while both the michigan and hands impacting each others color demonstrate how even when people are different when they are together they can make each other better.

Grades 7-9 

Leo ComfortLocation 21
Leo Comfort, Grade 8
Pieces of America

To me, community represents people of different backgrounds coming together to from a home where everyone feels welcome. This drawing shows four people of different races, coming together to form the puzzle which makes up the U.S. flag. Like the puzzle, the best communities in the Unites States are diverse and welcoming of every religion, ethnicity, and race.

Sophia Donnellon
Location 19
Sophia Donnellon, Grade 9

It fits the prompt because I believe that community is represented by a group of people who come together to make the world a better place represented by the hands holding the world.

Mia Gerstenschlager
MiaGerstenschlagerWithArtLocation 2
Mia Gerstenschlager, Grade 9
Together We Grow

I grew up here and I love seeing the community develop from an average neighborhood to a desirable area because of the additions being built - which were, I am sure, inputs from the community. I also love the events and stores and overall feel from city. Makes me proud of being here. Actually on Instagram I met a girl in Germany. She, believe it or not, had to write a story in her English class about our Rochester Christmas lights!!!!

Sophia KarrasSophia Karras With ArtLocation 18
Sophia Karras, Grade 8
Come Together

The "come together" represents the importance of unity in a community and the cityscape represents our businesses, schools and homes.

Grades 4-6 
Madison BatsonMadison Batson With ArtLocation 4
Madison Batson, Grade 5
Tree of Diversity

Our community is very diverse and it takes everyone together.

AnnaFikeAnna Fike With ArtLocation 10
Anna Fike, Grade 5
Tree City at Night

Rochester Hills is part of Tree City USA.


Kelsey FisherLocation 13
Kelsey Fisher, Grade 6
We’re In This Together

This piece fits the prompt, "What community means to me", because to build a community, we have to work together. The hand is a symbol one whole community of togetherness, holding hands, working together, high fives, and loving one another.

Alina JuAlina Ju With ArtLocation 3
Alina Ju, Grade 4
Blooming Garden

{community=garden, flower=family, heart= fertilizer }

Juniper PierceLocation 11
Juniper Pierce, Grade 6
Color Doesn’t Matter

A community is love and when you love somebody, color doesn't really matter.

Melinda ZhangLocation 1
Melinda Zhang, Grade 5
Lovely Day

What community means to me is a community is as caring as the Sun, as beautiful as the rainbow, and as free as the cloud.

Grades K-3 
Ashwin AnanthLocation 22
Ashwin Ananth, Grade 2
Sand Castle

Sand castle is structure made with sand. Like sand castle, community is made with people.

Asmi DubeyAsmi Dubey With ArtLocation 25
Asmi Dubey, Grade 1
Unity in Diversity

Nora  Hamilton
Nora Hamilton With ArtLocation 15
Nora Hamilton, Grade K

In my community we accept each other and love each other, no matter what!

Diya MenonDiya Menon With ArtLocation 20
Diya Menon, Grade 2
Unity Across Communities

When we work together in unity we can keep our communities (Rural , Suburban and Urban) clean and happy.

Aarya PatelAarya Patel With ArtLocation 6
Aarya Patel, Grade 2
One Family

Community means to me a place where we can live happily.

Chetan PrasadChetan Prasad With ArtLocation 24
Chetan Prasad, Grade 2
My Community is My Family

My community is my family.

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