Lifeguard Positions at Spencer Park
The City of Rochester Hills hires several Lifeguards to work at Spencer Park during the summer.  Hiring starts in March and can continue all summer as long as there are still openings.  Lifeguards at Spencer Park work at an outdoor, beach setting and have flexible schedules with excellent pay!
We accept applications from anyone aged 15 or older with swimming experience and the ability to obtain or already have a Red Cross Lifeguard Certification.  More information is below.  See the “15 Year Old Applicant” section if not already 16 years old or older.
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Open Swim Test
Anyone aged 15 or older, interested in becoming a lifeguard is welcome to participate.
Participants under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a waiver.
Bring a swim suit, towel and goggles.
To register and receive materials, email or call 248-656-4657

What is a Spencer Park Lifeguard? 
Spencer Park Lifeguards help keep an average of 120,000 park patrons safe every summer.

Our lifeguards work as a team to protect swimmers, maintain safety, and initiate first response medical. Lifeguards need to be at least 16 years old and have, or be able to get, Red Cross Lifeguard certified. We also have a beach front attendant position for 15 year old applicants, which allows you to train alongside the lifeguards preparing you for an easy transition once you turn 16.

We often work with the Oakland County Sheriff's Department and Rochester Hills Fire Department to provide a high level of safety and security. We also work with camps, recreation departments and community groups to provide safety information.

Our guards stay in peak physical condition with daily and weekly training.

Lifeguards learn how to react in emergency situations by participating in weekly scenarios and through real life experience.

Lifeguards can work towards promotion to Lifeguard Captain learning supervisory skills.

A Spencer Park lifeguard will learn a variety of skills that will serve them for a lifetime throughout all of their endeavors. Our lifeguards commonly go on to work in fields requiring highly confident, fast thinking individuals such as law enforcement, firefighting and medicine.

Hours & Pay

Spencer Park lifeguards work 8 hour shifts in a flexible 24 to 40 hour per week schedule, from May until September.

We work most weekends and holidays because that's when the park is busy, but it doesn't stop staff from coming together for barbecues, movie nights, and softball games.

Shifts can start as early as 8 am, and can go as  late as 10 pm. However, typical shifts are between 10 am - 8 pm
The Rochester Hills Department of Parks & Natural Resources has made it a goal to stay competitive with lifeguard wages. Our rate of pay is always near the top of those in the area, currently $12.70/hour! Additional perks include discounted concessions, free access to one of the nicest beaches in southeast Michigan, a fun, close group of coworkers, and you get to work outside all summer!

15 Year Old Applicants
Applicants must be 16 years old to work as a lifeguard at any open water facility, including Spencer Park.  That’s why we created our Beachfront Attendant (BFA) position.  This positon is designed to help a motivated, potential lifeguard learn the role of a Spencer Park lifeguard so that once they turn 16 they can make a seamless transition.  See the details about the Beachfront Attendant position below:

  • The BFA’s primary focus will be on training and learning protocols but will assist the beachfront staff in all operations except those directly involved with rescues and emergency medical care.
  • The BFA must be Red Cross Lifeguard certified or complete certification within the first 80 hours of employment.
  • The BFA will typically work two 8-hour shifts per week, with at least one on the weekend plus a weekly in-service training.
  • BFA positions are not always available but can become available even in the middle of summer, so if you are interested, fill out an application.
  • Once the BFA passes the swim test, is certified and turns 16, they are reclassified as a lifeguard and will receive a pay raise!
Becoming a Spencer Park Lifeguard
Just submit an application! What could be easier? This will get the process started and you will be contacted with further steps.

All applicants must be 15 or older, and will have to pass a swimming and rescue skills test, as well as a written test. If you are a regular swimmer or have been certified as a lifeguard, you should do well on our test.

We offer reimbursement for getting lifeguard certified! There are some requirements that we would be happy to explain if you are interested.

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