Phragmites Treatment Program

Phragmites are non-native and invasive plants that negatively impact the health of our environment, integrity of our infrastructure, and can even effect safety and property values for our residents. As is the case with many environmental issues, these plants do not recognize property lines and are a regional issue that requires collaboration to truly be successful. That being said, most people do not know how to proceed with Phragmites control. The process of acquiring a licensed contractor, associated permits, etc. can be a barrier.

The City’s Parks and Natural Resources Department will be offering a simple program to residents to address some of these common obstacles. The City through this program assists residents and HOA’s by securing needed permits, qualifying contractors, and helping to coordinate treatment.

Steps to Participate

Step 1: Fill out the Request for Estimate Form to receive a no-obligation cost estimate from our professional contractor. Landowners or homeowner associations will need to submit this request by August 1st to be considered. Submit the form and map with Phragmites locations to the City of Rochester Hills Natural Resources Division via email, U.S. mail or delivery in person to City of Rochester Hills, Parks & Natural Resources Department, 1000 Rochester Hills Dr., Rochester Hills, MI 48309.

Step 2: Once you receive your cost estimate, should you choose to proceed with treatment, a Treatment Agreement Form will be provided to you for completion.

Step 3: Pay the contractor for Phragmites treatment. Treatment usually occurs in late summer / early fall.

Follow-up treatments for multiple years is necessary in most cases for eradication of Phragmites, with larger more established patches, taking more time. To learn more, contact our Natural Resources Division at 248-656-4673, or see the links below.

A Guide to the Control and Management of Invasive Phragmites

(Source: State of Michigan)

Oakland County Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area
(Source: Oakland County)

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