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Petticoat Surgeon Hardcover BookPetticoat Surgeon ~ Bertha Van Hoosen - $30.00 Hardcover
Bertha Van Hoosen shares stories ranging from her childhood in Stony Creek Village to her pursuit as a medical doctor and surgeon. An exciting, well written “must read” for anyone interested in women’s history.

Chronicle of VanHoosen Farm Hardcover BookChronicle of Van Hoosen Centenary Farm ~ Sarah Van Hoosen Jones - $30.00 Hardcover

Following in her Aunt Bertha’s footsteps, Sarah Van Hoosen Jones wrote her own fascinating autobiography that tells the history of the Taylor-Van Hoosen Family, as well as her experiences as a pioneering woman dairy farmer. 

Special Offer: Petticoat Surgeon ~ Bertha Van Hoosen AND Chronicle of Van Hoosen Centenary Farm ~ Sarah Van Hoosen Jones - $50.00 for both Hardcover Autobiographies

Petticoat Surgeon Softcover BookPetticoat Surgeon: The Extraordinary Life of Dr. Bertha Van Hoosen - Maureen Thalmann - $20.00 Softcover
Maureen Thalmann carefully documents and introduces us to a remarkable woman, Dr. Bertha Van Hoosen, and her extensive research allows us to meet a gifted doctor, teacher and philanthropist, as well as a woman deeply connected to her family and upbringing on the Van Hoosen farm. 

Into the Fertile Valley BookInto the Fertile Valley of Stony Creek, Deborah J. Remer - $25.00 Softcover
After 20 years of archaeological excavations on the Rochester Hills Museum site, as well as many years of research and writing, the Rochester Hills Museum and author Deborah Remer published this book on findings from 147,000 artifacts. This is a marvelously detailed publication that sheds light on our local history!

AvonTownshipA History of Avon Township 1820-1940 , Eula Pray, - $25.00 Hardcover
A History of Avon Township 1820 -1940 is the published Master's Thesis of Eula Pray - a teacher in the Rochester Community Schools in the 1940s. This book provides a fascinating glimpse at the history of the Rochester and Rochester Hills Communities and includes archival images and sources of information. 

HogsHollowIf This Is Hastings... Then Where Is Hog's Hollow? A Discovery of the Lost Villages in Oakland and Macomb Counties, Michigan, Deborah J. Remer- $15.00 Softcover
The Rochester Hills Museum at Van Hoosen Farm has reprinted a book that discovers the Lost Villages in Oakland and Macomb Counties.   If This is Hastings...Then Where is Hog’s Hollow  – was originally printed in 1990, but with the explosive residential and commercial growth in Oakland and Macomb Counties over the past thirty years and the ability to do more comprehensive research, the book has been updated.  Museum volunteer and researcher Deborah Remer has spent decades visiting sites and researching families, buildings, and maps that are included in this publication. The book also lists Native American Settlements, stagecoach stops, name changes for communities, Detroit United Railway stops and has a long list of references.

ALivelyTownA Lively Town - 152 Years in Rochester, Rochester Centennial Commission 1969 - $25 Hardcover
Published in 1969 by the Rochester Centennial Commission to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Village Charter, A Lively Town is filled with history and photos of 152 years in Rochester.

Other Unique Items

Pioneer Family DVDPioneer Family on Van Hoosen - $15.00 each
Immerse yourself in the rich history of the Van Hoosen homestead in this captivating documentary that tells of our fascinating story. This film follows five generations of a single family and illustrates how four formidable and determined women defied the prejudices of their times and came to be notorious, not only in Rochester Hills, but around the world!

StoneyCreekOrnamentStoney Creek Schoolhouse Ornament - $10.00 each
Educating our children since 1848, and still educating thousands today through local school partnerships, the Stoney Creek Schoolhouse inspires a love of history in the hearts of many residents and guests alike. This one of a kind delicate metal ornament is a perfect stocking stuffer for any history buff, or for the child who remembers and cherishes dressing in period clothing for their 2nd or 3rd grade field trip to this hIstoric gem. Put a smile on someone's face, and bring back a flood of fond memories when this beautiful ornament is unwrapped.

EducationInRochesterMuseum Visitor Collector's Edition Education in Rochester, 2014 - $5

StonyCreekVillageMuseum Visitor Collector's Edition Stony Creek Village, 2012 - $5

WomenVHFarmMuseum Visitor Collector's Edition  The Women at Van Hoosen Farm, 2010 - $5

WaterPoweredMillsMuseum Visitor Collector's Edition  The Water Powered Mills of Rochester, 2014 - $5


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