The Equipment Barn

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Originally completed in the spring, 1924 Sarah Van Hoosen Jones referred to this building as the "garage, truck garage, and equipment barn".  Wagons and, later, delivery trucks parked in the upper level while calves and pigs were kept, at times, in the lower level. The upper level was used for storage of the show equipment used to display the Van Hoosen cows at various State and County Fairs. 

In 1999, this building was carefully measured, photographed, and documented before it was demolished because it was in such a poor state of repair that it could not be preserved and considered a dangerous hazard.

For 20 years, planning and fundraising took place culminating in this building being rebuilt on the same location and with the exact dimensions - even featuring similar lightning rods.  Special thanks to the City of Rochester Hills for their strong financial support, and to the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs for their financial grant and to the many financial donors who made this reconstructed building a reality.

Enjoy the exhibits on the lower level!

Equipment Barn R-VHP 885- cropped

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