Multi-Media Presentations

The Rochester Hills Museum at Van Hoosen Farm offers a wide variety of entertaining and educational presentations customized to youth and adult groups. Lectures are offered both at the Museum and at off-site locations.

Cost: Rates are $125 per lecture.
Contact:  Cathy Fitzpatrick- Museum Program Coordinator | 248-841-2690 |
When: Call or email to book a presentation.

Presentations Available 
The 17 Most Interesting Archival Photographs of the Greater Rochester Area
The Rochester Hills Museum at Van Hoosen Farm has over 5,000 archival images and slides of our community.  But which images are the very best and capture our town and make it unique from every other place?  Museum staff will share 17 of the best images that capture this place we call home.

Spectacular Rochester!
The people, places, and events that shaped our community's history are introduced through historic photographs, maps, documents, and fascinating stories.

Mills of Avon Township
This presentation discusses the history of the mills and waterways in the Greater Rochester Area, focusing on their function and importance to early settler families and economic growth in the community.

Leaders, Legends, and Liars
The Rochester community has had amazing leaders in science, agriculture, women's rights, surveying, medicine, and even leading a cult. Come and meet the leaders from our past.

Mothers, Daughters, and Leaders of Oakland County
Learn the inspiring stories of 17 outstanding women from throughout Oakland County. This program was developed in coordination with the traveling exhibit of the same name.

Veterans of the Rochester Area
Hear the incredible stories of the local men and women who bravely fought for the freedom of our country.

Stoney Creek Village
Established in 1823, Stoney Creek Village was home to mills, a post office, inventors, politicians, soldiers, and outstanding architecture. Learn the fascinating history of this Village and its influential role in our community.

Five Generations of the Taylor - Van Hoosen Families
These families helped establish the Rochester and Rochester Hills communities. They include politicians, pioneers, mill operators, philanthropists, scientists, school board members, masons, soldiers, and more! Let us introduce you to them!

The Civil War in Rochester 1861-1865
Like every community, Rochester was greatly affected when the Civil War broke out. Although we were a small, rural community, our soldier's and their families were part of fascinating events in this national conflict.

Rochester in the Gilded Age 1870-1900
The Gilded Age in America was a time of great economic growth in America with railroads crossing the country and skyscrapers being built in our great cities. But there were also desperately poor people and challenging social times that were being covered up and ignored. What was going on in Rochester during this time?

Rochester in the 1920s
The 1920s is the decade of change, when many Americans owned cars, radios, and telephones for the first time. The cars brought the need for good roads and bridges and the radio brought the world closer to home. The decade also ushered in an era of prohibition, women’s suffrage, new technologies, as well as mass production that led to a vibrant consumer culture, stimulating economic growth. The decade started as World War I and the flu epidemic ended and ran until the Great Depression started. The Rochester Hills Museum archives and newspaper collections tell how these world and national events affected our small and rural community and how those events from nearly a century ago are still evident today.

Rochester in the 1960s
The 1960s in Rochester triggered our community's growth for decades to come regarding our population, schools, hospitals, roads, and businesses. What was life like as we transitioned from a rural, agricultural community to a suburban community? 

Ten World Events and how they affected Rochester
World events have shaped our community over the past 200 years. This program also discusses events in Rochester that changed the world!

The ten most fascinating historical tidbits about the Rochester community that you might not know...
Our community is fortunate to have so many fascinating stories - this program showcases just ten of them that will make you appreciate this exceptional place we call home.

The Summer of 1816

The Summer of 1816 was the coldest summer in recorded history with areas along the East Coast recording ice on ponds on July 4 and hard frosts throughout August. Why did this climatic event happen and why was Michigan spared from the devastation? 

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