The Museum’s collection of Rochester newspapers is one of the most valuable resources that we have because of its wealth of information about our local history. In an effort to preserve these newspapers, the Museum worked closely with DocuStore Data Management to scan over 2,000 issues of Rochester ERA newspapers from 1873 – 1948.  DocuStore donated $17,264 in services to complete this project for the Museum and we are grateful for their generosity and support. While the Museum will continue to store and preserve the physical copies of the newspapers, having a digitized version will lessen the need to handle the physical copies and ultimately, help us to preserve them into the future.
Each issue from this collection is now available as a fully searchable PDF document on the Oakland County Historical Resources website, a county wide shared website between libraries, museums, historical societies, and others in Oakland County placing historic resources on one site.

Newspaper Archive

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We're Not Done Yet! 

The Museum's newspaper collection is still not fully digitized.  The Museum has microfilm copies of Rochester Clarion and Rochester Eccentric issues from 1925– 1999 that need to be converted to fully searchable PDF documents. 

You can support this project by adopting a roll of microfilm for $125 per roll and helping us preserve the past for the future.

Make your checks payable to the Community Foundation of Greater Rochester – Collections Fund and mail to the Museum, or donate online.

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