Green Space

In September 2005, Rochester Hills residents passed a 0.3 mill 10-year millage to acquire and preserve natural green space in their community. The Rochester Hills City Council established the nine member Green Space Advisory Board (GSAB) for the purpose of developing strategies and making recommendations regarding the expenditure of millage funds to:
  • Permanently preserve natural green spaces, wildlife habitats and scenic views
  • Protect woodlands, wetlands, rivers and streams
  • Expand the Clinton River Greenway and other trail corridors
As the next phase of protecting our natural resources, Rochester Hills voters approved the November 2013 ballot proposal to revise the permissible use of tax revenues derived from the Green Space Millage to be used to fund the protection, care and maintenance of, and to improve pedestrian accessibility to and within, green spaces and natural features owned, acquired or controlled by the City, in addition to funding the purchase of land and interests in land.
Stewardship Long Term Management Plan
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Open Space Parcels
Once established, the GSAB identified, evaluated and prioritized parcels for potential preservation based on the natural features criteria. The top ranked properties were recommended to the City Council for consideration.

Property Nominations
Residents owning property shown on the Natural Features Inventory Map and wishing to nominate their property for green space acquisition should submit a Property Owner Nomination Form

Preserved Properties
Below is a list of the current Green Space properties. To view them on a map, click here

Rivercrest Green Space
The 1.74-acre Rivercrest property is located on the northeast corner of Livernois Road and West Avon Road. The parcel is 38% woodland, has 578 feet of frontage on the Clinton River, and is situated in the Clinton River Greenway Corridor. The Green Space Advisory Board listed this parcel as a Priority 1 for wildlife habitat. Nino and Michelle Tocco donated this property to the City of Rochester Hills for green space preservation in September 2007. 

Childress Green Space
This 5.3-acre parcel located west of Rochester Road and to the north and west of Childress Ave. is nearly 100% wooded with steep slopes, scenic views, Priority 1 wildlife habitat, and Clinton River frontage. The property was purchased for green space preservation in December 2007.

Harding Green Space 
This top-ranked 26.8-acre parcel of land located between Harding Avenue & the Clinton River, east of Livernois, was chosen based on its natural features and its location adjacent to the Clinton River Trail. This undeveloped property will give visitors the opportunity to view the variety of wildlife from the scenic bluffs on the site. The property was purchased for green space preservation in December 2008.

Cloverport Green Space
This 7.42-acre parcel located between the west end of Cloverport and the Clinton River is predominantly wooded and ranked a Priority 1 for its wildlife habitat. There is approximately 1,026 feet of river frontage, sensitive wetlands, an upland forest floodplain, and steep slopes. The wooded areas contain mature cottonwoods, ash, elm and maple trees along with honeysuckle, myrtle, and highland cranberry. This property was purchased with Green Space millage funds in November 2009.

Clear Creek Green Space
This 23.68-acre area located on the southeast corner of Mead Road and Sheldon Road is actually four parcels of environmentally sensitive Priority 1 wetlands that were donated, platted and dedicated as public open space by the Elro Corporation in October 2013.

Innovation Hills Green Space
This 48.38-acre parcel, formerly known as Dr. White's property, is located on the north side of the Clinton River and Innovation Hills. This property is the single largest piece of green space acquired in the city's history. Its significant natural features and location will offer connectivity to the Clinton River Greenway while expanding Innovation Park. This parcel was purchased for green space preservation in December 2014.

Ruby Green Space 
This 13.92-acre parcel located at 1380 Ruby Avenue, west of Livernois, was selected for acquisition for its high quality and old growth tree canopy. The property also features over 1.6 acres of quality wetlands and is a Priority 1 wildlife habitat area. The acres that make up the Ruby Green Space were acquired by the city through a combination of land donation and purchasing, beginning in December 2016. This is the first Green Space located in the southern portion of Rochester Hills and is immediately adjacent to Avondale Middle School.

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