In an effort to better serve our community, the Community Risk Reduction Division has implemented a Self-Inspection Program (SIP). This program is designed for general businesses that have a "low-hazard" potential for fire and life safety concerns as defined by the International Fire Code (IFC) adopted by the City of Rochester Hills. At this time the Self Inspection Program is free; however, if you do not submit your form within 30 business days from the time your receive notice, your business may be subject to an inspection from the Rochester Hills Fire Department. 

The SIP will allow "low-hazard" businesses to be self-inspected by the business owner or manager on a 12-month inspection cycle. The intent of this program is to allow you to identify and eliminate common fire and life safety hazards. We encourage you to maintain a fire-safe environment for your employees and customers. 

In order to make the SIP successful, we have made it into a user-friendly online form. By following the simple instructions you will be able to conduct a fire and life safety inspection of your building. If you have any questions or need help with your self-inspection, the Fire Department is available to answer questions by email at You may reach staff to assist you at (248) 656-4717.

To ensure accuracy, we will update your after hours contact information currently on file. By providing us with current confidential information, it will be made available to the 9-1-1 Dispatch Center so you can be notified in the event of an emergency at your business. This provides you with the earliest possible notification, assisting you in restoring your business operations as soon as possible. 

Fire Safety Self-Inspection Form

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