The Rochester Hills Fire Department is an all-hazards fire, rescue, and emergency medical service (EMS) department.  The Rochester Hills Fire Department has 47 fulltime firefighters that also hold either a paramedic or basic EMT license, 7 full time Community Risk Reduction Division personnel, 4 Command Staff, and 3 support staff.  A minimum of two personnel are available at any time of the day or night and staff one of the five fire stations within the city.  Each station is equipped with an Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulance and a medically licensed fire apparatus.  A crew will use either the medical or fire unit depending on the type of call they are responding to.  

Basic and Advanced Life Support

In the Emergency Medical Service (EMS) world there are many different levels of licensure.  All of our fire personnel hold a State of Michigan EMS Provider license at either the Basic or Paramedic level.  Just like there is a difference in the skill set between a physician, nurse, and medical assistant, EMS providers have different skill sets dependent on training and license level.  

Basic Life Support
At the Basic Life Support (BLS) level, personnel are trained in CPR, basic adult and pediatric first aid, and basic medication administration (including oxygen delivery, assistance with nebulized medication, epi-pen administration, and assistance with Tylenol and Nitroglycerin prescribed to the patient.)  In addition to the BLS personnel, a vehicle can also carry BLS equipment.  The Rochester Hills Fire Department has two BLS transporting ambulances that are called Bravo units (Bravo 19 and Bravo 20) and six non-transporting fire apparatus, called Tango units (Engine 2, Ladder 2, Engine 3, Engine 4, Tower Ladder 4, and Ladder 5).  

Advanced Life Support
At the Advance Life Support (ALS) level, personnel are trained in all aspects of BLS, and can also administer fluids through an IV, administer medications from an Oakland County approved drug box, and perform various tasks such as intubation (a tube in the throat to assist with breathing), monitor and treat cardiac rhythms, provide electrical therapy, assist with childbirth, and provide trauma care.  The Rochester Hills Fire Department has five ALS transporting ambulances that are called Alpha units (Alpha 21, Alpha 22, Alpha 23, Alpha 24, and Alpha 25). 

Each of the fire stations is strategically located throughout the City to provide the fastest, and most efficient service to residents.  Each station is staffed with an ALS ambulance and either an ALS or BLS capable fire apparatus, depending on staffing levels.  The Rochester Hills Fire Department maintains EMS equipment on the front line fire apparatus in the event that they are responding to a fire incident, and on the way back to the station, are the closest unit to a medical emergency.  This allows for the crew to respond and initiate treatment prior to an ambulance arriving on scene, which can increase the odds for a favorable patient outcome.  

Local Hospital Capabilities & Emergency Transport

During a medical emergency, the Rochester Hills Fire Department attempts to transport a patient to the patient’s preferred hospital.  Depending on the type of emergency being experienced, a patient may not be able to choose their destination.  Different hospitals have different capabilities for different types of emergencies.  One example of this is trauma involving children; the only pediatric trauma center in Oakland County is Royal Oak Beaumont.  The Rochester Hills Fire Department has a great working relationship with all of the area hospitals and our personnel are required by protocol to transport a patient to the most appropriate location.  

The local hospitals that RHFD frequently transports patients to are: 
  • Ascension Providence Rochester Hospital 
    • Cardiac Center
    • Stroke Center
    • Level 3 Trauma Center
  • Beaumont Troy Hospital 
    • Level 2 Trauma Center
    • Pediatric ER (limited)
    • Cardiac Center
  • Beaumont Royal Oak Hospital
    • Level 1 Trauma Center
    • Pediatric Trauma Center
    • Cardiac Center
    • Stroke Center
  • McLaren Oakland Hospital (Pontiac)
    • Level 2 Trauma Center
    • Cardiac Center
  • St. Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital (Pontiac)
    • Level 2 Trauma Center
    • Stroke Center
    • Neonatal / premature birth care
  • Detroit Receiving Hospital
    • Burn Center

Medical Billing

The Rochester Hills Fire Department uses the AccuMed Group for medical billing processing.  For medical billing questions, you can contact AccuMed at 888-330-5405.  
To obtain a copy of a medical report, homeowners or patients may obtain a free copy of their personal incident report by visiting the Rochester Hills Fire Department headquarters at 1111 Horizon Ct.  Proper identification is required and HIPAA laws are followed regarding release of information.  Insurance companies may obtain reports for a fee, which is set by Rochester Hills Ordinance, Sec.54-205 Patient care Report: First Page - $4.00, additional pages - $1.00 each.

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