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Why do photographers have to pay a fee to use the Museum site?
The Rochester Hills Museum at Van Hoosen Farm requires photographers to pay a modest fee to help support the Museum's operation. This site is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and our community has invested substantial funds to acquire and preserve this location. We keep our buildings and grounds in exceptional condition as a public park and these fees help to offset our costs and to cover improvements.

In order to provide exceptional customer service to guests and users, this fee is required to help regulate who is on the site and to coordinate photography use in regards to other events.

Photography at the Museum

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1. Why do photographers have to pay a fee to use the Museum site?
2. Who has to get a photography permit at the Museum?
3. My family wants to use the gazebo for a back drop to celebrate an anniversary. Who pays, our family or the photographer?
4. What if we just have a family member or friend taking our picture with their camera. Do we still pay?
5. My child wants to have his/her senior pictures taken on your grounds. How do we set that up?
6. Can we change clothes inside your buildings?
7. We want to come to the Museum after your open hours in the evening or on a Sunday when the Museum buildings are closed. Do we still have to pay the photography fee?
8. Can we bring a sports car/motorcycle/prop for a picture and park it on the Museum grounds?
9. How do we know the Museum schedule?
10. Does the Museum charge for high school homecoming and prom pictures on the grounds?

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