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Standard Search is used for finding Assessing Department, Property Taxes, Special Assessments, and Miscellaneous Receivables information.

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Building Search is used for finding Building Department information.

If no records appear for your search, then either there are no records or they are older than the year 2000. If you believe records exist but are not shown in this search please contact the Treasury Department for Property Taxes, Special Assessments and Miscellaneous Receivables at 248.656.4675, Assessing Department for Assessments at 248.656.4605 and Building Department for Building-related searches at 248.656.4615.

The City of Rochester Hills does not guarantee that information on this web site is accurate, timely or complete, although the City strives to meet those criteria. Please contact the following departments if you believe there are errors in the data; PropertyTaxes, Special Assessments, and Miscellaneous Receivables - Treasury Department 248-656-4675, Assessments - Assessing Department 248-656-4605, Permits - Building Department 248-656-4615. Any errors or omissions will not negate the taxes or special assessments that are due and payable. The official records are at the Rochester Hills City Hall for current year tax collections only. Payments made for delinquent taxes are not reflected on this website. To determine if a payment has been made after the current collection period, contact the Oakland County Treasurer at 248-858-0611 or click here for the Access Oakland web site.

Name changes and sales information is updated at the end of each business day. If you do not see a change in this information, please check out website again tomorrow. When using the Assessing Department search tool, land divisions that have occurred since January 1st will not show up until next year. However, the new numbers will show up when using the Building Department search tool.