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Mayor's Video Log - August 19th
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Bryan K. Barnett

Ph: 248.656.4664
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So tonight we’re out here at a really cool, new location for the Mayor’s Business Council RHISE event, RHISE is R-H-I-S-E, Rochester Hills Innovators and Senior Executives. We’re out here at the Jimmy John’s Stadium. Just outside of the City of Rochester Hills off M-59, checking out the place. You’ll see in this video we got a great tour from the owner and CEO of the organization, Andy Applebee. One of the cool things about this stadium, it was built by one of the Mayor’s Business Council members. Frank Rewold and Son put this project together, about a $15 million dollar stadium. Tons of innovations, state-of-the art, luxury, premium seating, a really cool experience for the family. I got a pretty cool experience to, uh, throw out the first pitch. I’ve never done that, it was a perfect strike if you are about 6’8. And our team is out here just having a good time. We took a flag out to sing the National Anthem and now members of the Mayor’s Business Council are enjoying the baseball game. So listen, if you haven’t been out here, it’s a great time for your family, uh, minor league baseball is really taking off. 42 million people visited a minor league ballpark last year with 96% of the people saying that they’d come back. If you haven’t been out to Jimmy John’s stadium, take a look, check it out, bring your family. It’s a lot of fun and remember it was built by a member of the Mayor’s Business Council. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you around.

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