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Mayor's Video Log - March 7th
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Bryan K. Barnett

Ph: 248.656.4664
Fx: 248.656.4603
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Hi, I'm Bryan Barnett, Mayor the City of Rochester Hills, and as always thanks for watching. Well we've made it and it's finally here, the temperatures are warmer, the grass is greener, the trees are blooming, and Spring has officially sprung in Rochester Hills. Let me ask you a question have you been outside and enjoyed any of the Rochester Hills parks so far this year? If that answer is no I'm going to try to give you some projects and ideas to change that. We have one of the most amazing park systems anywhere in southeast Michigan and many of our folks have never had a chance to get out and explore them. S, if you haven't had a chance I suggest one the first parks you visit is Bloomer Park. We have some most amazing outdoor hiking trails that you'll find in Southeast Michigan right in Bloomer Park, some amazing vistas and bluffs along the river. In just a few weeks the velodrome, the only outdoor bicycle track the, Olympic style bike track will be open for races on Friday night and for your enjoyment during the week. It's a great place to bring your pets or just enjoy some family time outside, some of the great trails. Bloomer Park should absolutely be on your list. Later this month we’ll open the lake, Carter Lake, at Spencer Park. If you're not into swimming or boating this year, we'll be debuting those stand up paddle boards for the first time, something entirely new for you to try out, your family to try out. If you like a more passive recreation style there's a one-mile a gravel path around Carter Lake, absolutely beautiful especially to enjoy the sunset. Spencer Park should also be on that list. Maybe you and your family are looking for a little more activity in your park experience, well then you want to head over to Borden Park. That's where the action is. Baseball fields, softball fields, batting cages, soccer fields, if you have kids you probably spent a Saturday at one of the fields at Borden Park because that's where so many games are played each and every year. We also have pickleball there, we have inline skating, some unique things if you've got energy you want to run your kids out, Borden Park is the place to be. We are super excited as we'll be starting to break ground on what was known as River Bend, now known as Innovation Hills, not a ton to see there quite yet, but ladies and gentlemen hold your hats later this year you're going to see some amazing things happen, and that part will have to be on your list. And finally, our most popular and perhaps the most beautiful part, the Clinton River Trail and Paint Creek Trails. You know 50% of Rochester Hills residents use those trails at least once throughout the year, if you aren't one of them you have got to change that. In every season they are beautiful, they're very busy, there's lots of people, you'll see your neighbors, lots of things going on, and it is absolutely a must that you get out and enjoy Paint Creek or the Clinton River Trails, trust me it's a money-back guarantee you'll have a great time. Ladies and gentleman we live in a beautiful community, and one of the things that we love about Rochester Hills is the nature that exists all around. I'm challenging you to get out this Spring, and find a new place to really enjoy with your family this Spring, have a great time, and enjoy those Parks, and let us know which one's your favorite, thanks for watching.

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