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Mayor's Video Log - March 7th
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Bryan K. Barnett

Ph: 248.656.4664
Fx: 248.656.4603
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Hi I’m Bryan Barnett, Mayor of the City of Rochester Hills, and as always, thanks for watching, with some important messages today about something that is going to change in your neighborhood. Over the past, ummm, nine years, the city has been exceptionally proud of the single hauler waste system that we’ve had in our community. And you’ve gotten used to the green garbage bins and those blue trucks from Republic coming each and every week to pick up your trash and recycling, and as you know, over the course of the last number of years the city of Rochester Hills has been the number one recycling community in the state of Michigan. Well just about a month ago, we were approached by our partner at Republic, and told some very interesting news, that Republic was selling its interest in trash pickup in our region, along with many of the communities around us, and assigning our contract to a new company. And over the course of the last thirty days, the administration and the city council has done a tremendous amount of due diligence to examine that new company. GFL, or Green for Life, is the company that Republic will be assigning our contract to around the end of July. So what does that mean to you? Well basically, nothing, except the tra, the color of the truck will change from blue to green. But GFL, Green for Life, has agreed contractually to hold up all of the tenants of our contract. There will be no changes in price, there will be no changes in delivery day, uh, there will be no changes in what you can recycle and how you throw trash out and any of the other services that you’ve become accustomed to with our current, uh, program. Now, any time there is change there is always a few bumps along the way, and we are doing our very best in the administration to make sure we minimize those. But if you have any questions about your service or any of the things happening over the next four to six weeks, feel free to call my office at 248-656-4664. Our goal is that this transition is smooth. Now we certainly didn’t ask for this, but sometimes industries change and private sector companies make decisions for their own reasons. But we’re very confident after calling many of the other companies and cities that do business with GFL, including our neighbors in Rochester and Shelby Township, that this is a reputable company. Fact, one of the uh, one of the strongest companies in the region and the company that is growing pretty extensively in Southeast Michigan. Again, uh, the news is that Republic Services will stop picking up the trash and assign that contract to GFL, Green for Life, ah, on July 31st, that will be the last day Republic picks up, and that Monday will be the first time you’ll see those new green trucks in our community. Now, now that new fleet of trucks will all be brand new, we’ll be lowering emissions in our community and have the latest technology on those trucks. Nothing changes with your Recyclebank program, so we encourage you to continue to earn those points and use those points at places in the community. And, as always we appreciate the fact that Rochester Hills residents have been exceptionally loyal, uh, and wonderful stewards of our environment by making sure they are recycling and throwing away trash, uh, in the best and most efficient way possible. One final note, um, that is of critical importance, and that is billing. Many of you have already paid in advance for the year. As I mentioned, this new contract is exactly the same, in terms of price and service and, uh, service delivery. So if you paid in advance for the year you are all set. If you pay quarterly, uh, your next bill, instead of having Republic and writing your check to Republic, will say GFL, or Green for Life, and you’ll write you check, same exact amount to Green for Life. Uh, over the next thirty days we’re going to be putting together an information campaign, we’ll be sending a letter to your home to let you know some of the details about this change, and maybe some of the frequently asked questions that you might be concerned about, but our goal is to make this transition as smooth as possible. Um, I thank you on behalf of the administration for your patience, again, uh this is something that’s just occurring in the industry around us, many other communities are facing the same changes, um, and I’m proud of our City Council for the due diligence that they’ve done to make sure that this is a company that we’ll be proud to do business with moving forward. Trash is an extremely important service that the city provides and, uh, we want to make sure that it’s one that you continue to count on, and enjoy. Ladies and gentleman, again, if you have any questions you can contact my office at 248-656-4664, and start to look out soon for those green, brand new, GFL trucks coming to the end of your street. Thanks. 

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